The process of making marcasite jewelry

Knowledge from a marcasite jewelry manufacturer

Do you wear a marcasite jewelry pendant around your neck or are you about to buy one? But do you know how  jewelry manufacturers make them? From the preparation of marcasite to the constitution of the accessory itself. With a mesh knit after mesh, jewelry requires good know-how. Discover what process do marcasite jewelry manufacturer have to go through, where does the color of the jewel come from, how is the mesh chosen.

Traditional manufacturing

Most marcasite jewelry manufacturer use modern techniques to make jewelry, such as laser welding, digital engraving, or computer-aided design, which allows them to meet all demands.

All stages of jewelry making are mastered and attested by the affixing of a guarantee stamp. This is a recognized practice that combines traditional techniques as well as the use of more modern tools.

marcasite jewelry

How do marcasite jewelry manufacturers make jewelry?

Marcasite is made from pyrite. It is therefore essential to use an alloy to strengthen the marcasite, which may affect its color. Thus, copper gives a reddish hue when it is alloyed with marcasite while silver makes it possible to obtain a gray-white tone. Depending on the proportion of metals that create the alloy, marcasite is pure and the carat measures.

To make an accessory, for example, a pendant. The metal is melted then cooled, which solidifies it. It then goes into a round matrix that shapes it into a stem. This is then worked to go from a rounded profile to a square pattern, then it is stretched to become very thin and form coils. The coiled metal is softened in an oven, unrolled and held in wire form. It’s his final size. Then comes the creation of links, whose structures can be very varied. Mesh after mesh; the pendant takes shape. It is also possible to fashion the stitches one after the other from silicone molds. They are then welded together to form the pendant. Marcasite threads can also be woven together to form a pendant.

The jewelry is finally heated for its strength, a clasp is added and the certification of the quality of integrated marcasite.

marcasite jewelry

Weight of pendants and jewels

Marcasite Silver Jewelry Wholesale Over time, the marcasite jewelry manufacturer has perfected the process. The metal and the different alloys can be worked on with different suitable melting points. The amount of pyrite needed to build your pendant affects its weight and price. The more pyrite a jewelry manufacturer put in, the heavier and pricier it will be. Namely, the carat measures the purity of material, not its weight. It is the weight of a diamond or a gemstone that is expressed in carats. Hence, sometimes, even some marcasite jewelry manufacturer confuses.

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